Cancellation Policy

  1. Distance Selling Regulations

    1. Performance of this contract commences immediately: you have an immediate right to the benefits of membership. Consequently, this falls within an exception to the usual right to cancel given by the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 under section 13(1)(a).
    2. Accordingly, you do not have the right to cancel this contract under the Regulations.
  2. Discretionary Cancellation

    1. We reserve the right to permit you to cancel your membership at our discretion. This will generally be exercised only in extreme circumstances; merely changing your mind is not such a circumstance.
  3. Statutory Rights to Cancellation Not Affected

    1. Any statutory right to cancellation, avoidance and/or rescission you may have is not affected by this policy.
  4. Liquidated Damages Payable on Cancellation

    1. Cancelling a membership involves significant additional administrative work. Additionally, you may have attended events while a member, and thereby derived a benefit which must be returned to us if you cancel.
    2. We have estimated the cost to us of a cancellation at approximately £40.
      1. Therefore, on cancellation, liquidated damages for breach of contract of £40 must be paid.
  5. Fraud

    1. If you buy membership with the intention to cancel it after deriving benefits from it (such as admission to events), you may have committed fraud.
    2. We reserve the right to pursue such civil and criminal remedies as we deem fit in cases of fraud, deceit, theft, or other dishonest acts.