Welcome to the new website!

  • Posted on: 8 May 2011
  • By: root

Welcome to the brand new cus.org!

Wish you could catch up on those events you missed? The Cambridge Union Society is excited to launch its new service, cus.connect, our online on-demand video-player.

As a registered charity we are committed to furthering the principles of free speech and public debate not just within our society but also in the wider community - cus.connect is here to fulfill that obligation and bring the Union into the 21st-century!

Currently we have footage from some of last term's most high profile debates and speaker events - including Julian Assange's speech which he has requested be put online for the world to see. Of course, you'll still be able to enjoy all the privileges of Union membership, being there in person to see ground-breaking speeches from top names and asking them the questions you want answered but you'll also be able to watch events back a fortnight later on www.cus.org/connect

Cus.connect is currently showcasing just a limited selection of the debates and speaker events from last term so that members can catch up, and non-members around the world can get a glimpse of the work the Union does. We hope you enjoy our new service and are keen to hear your feedback: email executive@cus.org to let us know what you like and what you don't! This term we will be taking all your comments on board, and will be evaluating our policy regards video-streaming this summer, so there is time for you to help shape the way the Union's online presence develops.

With warm wishes,

The Union Committee


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Indeed, a wonderful debate poorly presented for on-line viewers by sub standard video and audio!

I am sure that "the greatest University in the world could do better.After all my viewing was constantly interrupted by advertisments. Maybe somebody should use the income to take up the previous offer.

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Have MacBook Pro (highest-spec)... the streaming didn't work on it. How can I watch this please?