This House believes pornography does a good public service


JOHNNY ANGLAIS (aka Jonny Cockfill) is a hardcore porn star. He also used to teach Politics and PSHE at an Essex secondary school, but was forced to quit his teaching role after the students found out about his second job. Following his resignation he said he had "no regrets" and is "proud" of his work as a stripper and porn actor.

ANNA SPAN - real name Anna Arrowsmith - is one of the porn industry's best-known film directors and became the UK's first ever female porn director in 1999. Since then she has made over 250 films and won numerous awards for her work. She unsuccessfully stood as a Liberal Democrat candidate for parliament in May 2010.

JESSI FISCHER, nicknamed the "sexademic" for her focus on cultural analysis and sexual biology, is a writer, public speaker and sex educator for high schools and universities in the US. She is a fundraising organiser for San Francisco Sex Information.


SHELLEY LUBBEN is a former porn actress and stripper who is now an ordained chaplain. She featured in around 30 porn films before quitting the industry to begin campaigning vigorously against pornography. Lubben is now executive director of the Pink Cross Foundation, aimed at helping porn stars, prostitutes and people addicted to porn.

DR GAIL DINES is a lecturer, author and feminist activist, whose work focuses on pornography, sexualisation and the effect that these can have on society. Dines is a founding member of the group Stop Porn Culture which is fighting to end sexual exploitation and what it claims is the increasing sexualisation of pop culture.

DR RICHARD WOOLFSON is a child psychologist and expert on child and family development. A fellow of the British Psychological Society, he has published numerous books including 'How to Have a Happy Child' and claims that pornography has a proven negative influence on children and adolescents.

Ayes: 231
Noes: 187
Abstentions: 197


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Submitted by cinnamonbrandy on Sat, 29/10/2011 - 01:16

Hello - got here because of Belle de Jour, as someone who's gone back and forth, back and forth over the question, over the years. Good porn is hard to find - hard porn is not necessarily good to mind. So.

It really bugs me that, which is supposed to be state-of-the-art inclusive will let you say 'I'm a gay man wanting to watch lesbians' - but will not let you say 'I'm a lesbian wanting to watch....'


I'm not a lesbian, by the way. I'm bisexual, happily married, mother, grandmother, sister, friend... But it freaks me out that in order to watch lesbian sex I have to claim to be straight, or a gay bloke, or fascinated by cocks. If the whole point of the exercise is for everyone to be having fun - why isn't a bit more work, a TINY bit more work, put into saying, hey, you over there - the lawyer in heaven, yep, you - why don't you usually show up here? what are YOU looking for then? what's making you want to walk away very quickly RIGHT NOW! how are we not respecting both what you are and what you want?

Otherwise it does look a lot like a clique or an exercise in bullying, which doesn't make us on the fence people any keener to climb down.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 03/04/2012 - 10:00

Thank you very much for the video. I wish CUS would have made it free-liecensedand downloadable.
It is always nice to see there is modernism and logic in free discussion and to see liberally public debates, rather than quarrel or discuss unreasonably. Thank you for such achievement.

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Submitted by psteague on Mon, 28/01/2013 - 12:58

The two last speakers were the most powerful, unfortunately the last speaker was speaking on a different subject; ie The welfare of those within the industry.
Bits I liked were the ups and downs and the psychologist informing us that :
"Psychology is not good for children" Freudian or what?