General Pervez Musharraf

Pakistan: Domestic and External Dynamics

General Pervez Musharraf was President of Pakistan for nearly nine years, after leading a bloodless military coup in 1999. As President, he was a pro-US ally in the fight against terrorism, and won praise from the IMF and World Bank for his overhaul of the Pakistani economy. He also worked to denounce extremism, to improve relations with India, and introduced laws to increase the number of women in parliament. However, his critics point to his role in the country's overdue return to democracy, and he is wanted in Pakistan following the issue of an arrest warrant by a court addressing the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

Thank you to the Anglia Ruskin University students who filmed and edited this video!


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Submitted by Abdullah (not verified) on Wed, 14/03/2012 - 03:59

Dear All, Assalamu AlaikumFirst of all Ramadan Kareem to our beloved hero of Pakistan Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf and his team and Pakistani itonan who is misguided by some politician who never thought for Pakistan, they always have theirsmall issues one point agenda to take revenge from who from Pakistani itonan so they can do in Pakistan what ever they want.But, inshaAllah these politician never succeed in Pakistan. Pakistan itonan is not salvation army they will fight against these politicians.Mr Pervaiz Musharraf is future of Pakistan and we want to see him as President back in Power inshaAllah.Pakistan and Pervaiz Musharraf long live