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  • Russell Brand at the Cambridge Union

    Russell Brand at the Cambridge Union Society

    Russell Brand at the Cambridge Union Society

    Russell Brand at the Cambridge Union, in conversation with Leo Kirby, Lent 2014 Speakers' Officer.

    Maverick actor, comedian, author and burgeoning political activist, Russell Brand is a cultural phenomenon with a phoenix-like ability to rise from the ashes of his own self-destruction.

    A former heroin addict, Russell has given evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee on drug addiction and is now fronting Comic Relief's Give It Up Campaign. Russell encourages abstaining from voting and holds 'not a flicker of doubt' that a revolution is coming.

  • Cambrige Union Society: Religion Debate - Dawkins, Copson, Ahmed vs Williams, Ramadan, Murray

    This House Believes Religion Has No Place In The 21st Century

    This House Believes Religion Has No Place In The 21st Century

    The debate is also available on iTunes at the Cambridge Union Society channel: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/cambridge-union-society/id597801008

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    Is Religion compatible with 21st Century life? How can it be made to fit with modern laws and values? Even if it might be compatible, does it actually do more harm than good?

    01:54 Andrew Copson - Chief Executive of the British Humanist Association and former director of the European Humanist Federation.

    29:42 Prof. Richard Dawkins - A distinguished evoultionary biologist and ardent critic of religion, Dawkins is also Vice-President of the British Humanist Association and author of The God Delusion and The Selfish Gene.

    1:10:30 Arif Ahmed - Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Cambridge since October 2011.

    13:33 Rowan Williams - Outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury and now the Master of Magdalene College, Rowan Williams studied Theology at Cambridge and has written inumerable books on the subject of Christianity.

    42:28 Prof. Tariq Ramadan - Known as 'The Muslim Martin Luther', Ramadan is a renowned writer and Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Oxford. He is also President of the European Muslim Network.

    1:22:25 Douglas Murray - Associate Director of the Henry Jackson Society and founder of the Centre for Social Cohesion, Murray is also a commentator on issues of religion, immigration and extremism.

    Ayes: 138
    Noes: 324
    The Motion failed to pass

  • Al Murray, The Cambridge Union Society

    Al Murray at The Cambridge Union Society

    Al Murray at The Cambridge Union Society

    Date recorded: 19/10/2011

    Al Murray is one of Britain's greatest comedians, and is famous for his stand-up persona, The Pub Landlord.

    Al Murray's Happy Hour won a British Comedy Award, and was nominated for a National Television Award. He has won the Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and has toured with comedians such as Harry Hill, Billy Connolly and Frank Skinner. He has hosted 7 Day Sunday, a comedy show on BBC Radio 5 Live, and starred in Live at the Apollo and Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow.

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