How to Join Cambridge Debating

If you're interested in what we do then why don't you join us at any time of the academic year? You will need to be a Cambridge Union member but alongside the standard benefits of being a CUS member, you will also receive expert coaching from some of the best debaters in the world and subsidised travel to domestic and international competitions at no extra cost.

What previous debating experience do I need to join?

None. Literally none. This is not an overstatement. Many of our debaters started out at Cambridge Debating with no previous experience and have turned into brilliant speakers due to our workshop programme and through debating at competitions. You should be interested in improving your public speaking and in thinking about global issues, but we assume no previous experience in debating or public speaking from new members. The need to have previous debating experience is a common misconception. You will probably be nervous about having a go for the first time; don't worry! Everyone else was terrified when they first started, but once you have built up experience the nerves will settle.

How can you talk to us?

Look out for the Cambridge Union stall at the CUSU Societies Fair in October. We'll be there to answer any of your questions. We will also be holding open introductory evenings to Cambridge Debating at the Cambridge Union Society on the first week of Michaelmas term where you can see what we do, talk to us and maybe even have a go. If you have any immediate questions, you can contact the Debating Officers through their e-mail address

How can I get more information/join your mailing list?

You can join the Cambridge Debating mailing list where announcements of debating competitions, workshops and opportunities are made. To join our mailing list, go to the mailing preferences section of the members' area. You can also join our Facebook group.

What is expected from new members?

In short, nothing. Union members can join our workshop programme for no extra charge. To represent Cambridge at competitions, we expect you to stay on our workshop programme and show some progress through it. There are many opportunities to help throughout the year at other events, whether you'd like to judge our Schools competition or assist our international competition. Contributions to Cambridge Debating are taken into account for selections to competitions and tours, but the extent to which you'd like to be involved is up to you!

LOOKING FOR INFORMATION ON *CAMBRIDGE IV/CAMBRIDGE SCHOOLS/CAMBRIDGE WOMEN'S OPEN*- visit Debating section for registration, information and more. Email with any questions.