Attending dinners

The Cambridge Union Society (Dining Room)

The Union plays host to a wide range of single speakers, and debate speakers, from across the world. Part of the package offered to potential debate speakers is a dinner usually held in the historic Dining Room, adorned with photographs of Union Committees from the past century, including a couple of familiar faces. (This will be hosted off site for the duration of the refurbishment works).  Single speakers are also offered dinner at the finest restaurants in the area after, or before, their appearance. 

Whilst visiting speakers expect to be able to meet and dine with the President and Senior Officers, places at the dinner are offered to members of the Union's Standing Committee, to Appointed Officers, and to others who have most contributed to the running of the Society. However, the Union aims to allow access to as many members as possible. 

Attending a dinner is not free, and the Union asks that you cover the cost of your food/wine. Please note that not all speakers are able to attend dinner, and arrangements are subject to change at last minute based on the speakers' commitments. 

For more information, please contact the Executive Officer for Debates, and the Speakers Officer for single speaker dinners. If you wish to attend a dinner, please include a brief paragraph explaining your interest in a certain debate motion or speaker, and we will do our best to accommodate you. We ask for your patience if you are not able to attend the dinner of your choice, and priority will be given to those that give their time to running the Union, such as stewards or members of our various committees.