Election for Easter 2013 Officers

  • Posted on: 23 November 2012
  • By: root

Elections will be held online and in the Union on Friday 23rd, from 9am-6pm.

To vote, please login with your Union account and follow the instructions on the voting page.

The candidates and their manifestos are here.

You will only be able to vote online if your user account's email address is on our online electoral roll. You can check whether you are on the roll by visiting the voting page. Please do so in advance of the election, as the electoral roll cannot be altered once it has begun.

If you have queries about the election process, please email the Returning Officers, ro@cus.org. For technical queries, please email development@cus.org.


p1rpp@yahoo.co.uk's picture

If you go to the voting page without logging in first, it says you aren't logged in (naturally), but it doesn't have a pointer to the voting page.

The candidates' manifestos are a bit thin this time. We used to have photos, which helped to identify them. and who they were nominated by, which was or was not an endorsement according to what you thought of the nominator.