Election Results for Lent 2013 Officers

  • Posted on: 18 June 2012
  • By: root

Thank you to all members who voted in today's Officer Election. Your Officers for Lent Term 2013 are:

President - Benjamin Kentish
Executive Officer - Joanna Mobed
Speakers Officer - Alex Porter
Treasurer - Anastasia Bogatyreva
Social Events Officer - Natalia Maj

Details of the votes are as follows: 

First Round Second Round Third Round
Rebecca Bailey- 120 Rebecca Bailey- 121 Rebecca Bailey- 125
Benjamin Coles- 21 Ben Coles-22 Ben Coles- eliminated
Rachael Corbishley- 134 Rachael Corbishley- 134 Rachael Corbishley- 139
Ben Kentish-132 Ben Kentish- 132 Ben Kentish- 136
RON- 15 RON- eliminated  
Fourth Round Fifth Round  
Rebecca Bailey- eliminated  Rachael Corbishley- eliminated
Rachael Corbishley- 168 Ben Kentish- 243  
Ben Kentish- 172    
Executive Officer    
Joanna Mobed- 192    
Ravi Solanki- 127    
Speakers Officer    
First Round Second Round  Third Round 
Ian Cooper-60 Ian Cooper-62 Ian Cooper-eliminated 
Axel Landin- 81 Axel Landin-82 Axel Landin-92
Paula Melendez-88 Paula Melendez-91 Paula Melendez-99
Alex Porter- 108 Alex Porter- 108 Alex Porter- 119
RON- 23 RON- eliminated   
Fourth Round Fifth Round   
Axel Landin- eliminated Alex Porter- 201  
Paula Melendez-117    
Alex Porter-143    
Anatasia Bogatyreva- 185  
Johnathan Zemlik- 78    
RON- 44    
Social Events Officer    
Natalia Maj-236    
RON- 61