Ticket application for Israeli Ambassador open

  • Posted on: 22 November 2012
  • By: om285

Please sign in (upper right) to apply for a ticket for the Israeli Ambassador's talk on Monday evening. Applications close at 11.00pm on Friday, 23rd November. Once signed in, please click here to apply for a ticket.

You will be notified over the weekend if you are to receive a ticket. No entry will be allowed without a valid ticket, Union Society ID card, and one other form of photo ID (preferrably University ID).


DonLuisPS's picture

Hello, I signed in as a registered user but when I try to sign up for tickets to the Ambassador's talk I am denied access.
I would like to sign up (lp365).
Could you also tell me why it's not working?

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Hi Luis, are you a member of the Union? It doesn't look you are from our records, and the application form is only available to user accounts that have a confirmed membership. If you are a member I will ask the main office to look in to this for you.

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Hi, I signed in and tried to register for a ticket for the Israeli Ambassador's talk but it says I'm not authorized, even though I'm a member of the Union.

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Have sent an email

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I have the same problem. I am a full member of the Union but it wouldn't let me apply.

I would be grateful if you could sort it our for me as well. It says 'Access Denied"

Many thanks


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Update: Maksim was able to resolve this by logging-out and logging-in again!

sw564@cam.ac.uk's picture


I'm a member of the union but it says 'Access Denied' when I go to the link for booking a ticket for the Israeli Ambassador. My email is sw564@cam.ac.uk. Could you please sign me up?

Sarah Weidenmüller

sw564@cam.ac.uk's picture

It's worked!

gd328@cam.ac.uk's picture

Same problem as the others. I'm getting an access denied notification. My email is gd328. Please could I be added to the ballot. Cheers.

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Hi guys, sorry you've had problems. I'll investigate each of your accounts individually and let you know when they have been fixed.

os312's picture


I have the same problem. Can you add me, please?
Name: Oshien Sheedy
E-mail: os312@cam.ac.uk


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Hi Oshien, I have joined this account you have just made to your membership record we have for you; if you logout and login again it will recognize you as a member and let you vote.

os312's picture

All is fine now. Thank you.

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Name: Annie Back
Email: ab995@cam.ac.uk

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I am having the same problems, it's saying access denied even though I am logged in.
Please may I be added to the ballot, my account email is clairestephens94@hotmail.com

Thank you,

Claire Stephens

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I'm having the same problem. Can I be added to the list please?

email: mike.2910@btinternet.com

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im having the same problem. please add me to the tickets list for the Israeli ambassador event.
email: maianmaged@aucegypt.edu

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For those members who are getting access-denied: try logging-out and logging-in again, it seems to work!

Gerald Wu's picture

Hi I still get "Access Denied" even after multiple attempts of logging in and out. Can you please check it out for me or just add me straight to the ballot? Thanks! My email is gjcw2@cam.ac.uk.

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Hi Gerald, in your case you are using an account you have just created, which hasn't been linked to your membership record by us. I have now merged this new account with your membership record, so if you login/logout again it should work!

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I tried to apply for tickets, and also got "Access Denied" when i tried to apply for tickets (although it said in the email it would be open until 11am)
Are there no more tickets?

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As everyone, I am getting an "access denied" error.
Please add me to the list : talikal@yahoo.com

ja490's picture

I too am receiving the same 'access denied' message.

DanielR's picture


I like to book a ticket for the talk on Monday with Israel's Ambassador, but access has been denied (although I tried to logout and login again). Are there still tickets available?

All best,

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Hi I'm having the same access denied issue for booking tickets for the Israeli Ambassador's talk and have been all week even though i've logged in and out several times...email address is sophie@grabiner.net and CRSid is sjg99...could you add me to the ballot please

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Can you please add me to the ballot too? My access is denied... crsid fku20. Thanks.

zhao.liu's picture

I am having the "access denied" problem as well.

CRSid zl313

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Ye I'm having the same problem ,

Mohamed Elmutasim Osman