This House Believes That Scotland Should Be An Independent Country

In the Chair: Michael Dunn Goekjian, President (Easter 2014)

As the Scottish Independence referendum approaches, we pass our own verdict. Tonight we debate and explore the arguments surrounding Scottish Independence.


is a staff researcher with Business For Scotland, a pro-independence business and economic policy think tank.

Sylvester McCoy at The Cambridge Union Society

Sylvester McCoy in conversation with Ted Loveday (Speakers Officer Easter 2014), Sunday 4th May 2014.

Sylvester is an actor perhaps best known for playing the seventh incarnation of the Doctor, the last in the original run of Doctor Who. More recently, he played the inimitable wizard Radagast the Brown in The Hobbit. He began his career as a comic act and busker for children's television.

David Hasselhoff Speaks at the Cambridge Union

On Saturday 24th May, David Hasselhoff visited the Cambridge Union to talk to members about his career as a singer, actor, and entertainer. Despite the pressures of an examination term event, he attracted a large and enthusiastic audience who crowded in to see the Knight Rider and Baywatch star.

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David Nicholls at The Cambridge Union Society

David Nicholls in conversation with Ted Loveday (Speakers Officer Easter 2014), Monday 12th May 2014.

David is the author of the international bestseller One Day, named Galaxy Book of the Year in 2010 and made into a film featuring Anne Hathaway. He previously wrote the University Challenge romance Starter For Ten and adapted it into a 2006 film that starred James McAvoy and Benedict Cumberbatch. He also wrote The Understudy and is a prolific TV screenwriter who has also been involved in acting and directing.