Schools Women’s Open

We are ridiculously excited to announce the creation of a brand new competition- Cambridge Women’s Schools! This competition has been set up in order to make the university circuit a much more friendly and welcoming environment for young female debaters. 

This is an event for university and older debaters to sign up, a seperate google doc will be emailed to schools for speakers to sign up. 


The competition will be a pro am with a female/non-binary debater paired with a female/non-binary school student. It will be a standard British Parliamentary format with 5 minute speeches and a break to semis. The team cap is currently 40 but this can be expanded. 

n.b. am-am teams are also allowed, if schools would like to compete in this way. 


Rebecca Meredith 
Rebecca was CA of Zagreb EUDC 2014, 3rd top speaker at EUDC 2012, 4th top team at WUDC 2013, WUDC quarter finalist and EUDC semi finalist, top breaking team, finalist and 2nd top speaker at the John Smith Memorial Mace English Championships in 2015 and winner and finalist of numerous IVs. She judged the Open Semi Final and Chennai WUDC. She has been on the CA teams of numerous tournaments including the HSE Open Moscow, the Cambridge IV, the UCL IV, the Budapest IV, the Paris Open, and many more and has taught debating in Sweden, Hong Kong, Russia and IONA. She is also the CA for the upcoming Women's EUDC 2017 in London.

Srishti Krishnamoorthy-Cavell
Srishti is a fourth year doctoral scholar in English at Cambridge and works on botanical poetics and politics in contemporary experimental writing. She was a semi-finalist and top 15 speaker at Vienna EUDC, a winner of four competitions and a finalist at several others. This will be her 12th CAship, including previously Cambridge Women's, Trinity IV, Utrecht Open and Edinburgh Open. She has also broken as judge at about 20 competitions.

Jessica Yung 
Jessica is a 2nd year Economics student at Newnham College. She is a CA of the International Competition for Young Debaters, was DCA of the Cardiff Open and has chaired rounds at the World Universities' Debating Championship, European Universities’ Debating Championships, Cambridge Schools and Imperial Schools. Jessica has won Dulwich Schools and three tournaments in Hong Kong. She was also a finalist at Durham Schools and LSE Schools.

There will be full bursaries and funding provided to disadvantaged schools. We will also be ensuring that a fair proportion of team spots go to students from disadvantaged backgrounds rather than working on a first come first served basis. Additionally, workshops will be advertised and provided to disadvantaged schools who are attending the competition. This will ensure everyone receives a basic level of BP experience so they’re confident enough to attend. 

We are requiring schools to provide a teacher or parent to accompany the students (one per school). Additionally, there will be permission slips and forms that will be sent to all schools. 

Sign up sheet:


Lydia Day and Sarah Christie (convenors)