The CMS Cambridge Women's Open

Welcome to the event page for the CMS Cambridge Women's Open.


The Cambridge Women's will be 4 rounds of 5 minute speeches with a break to semi-finals. We are also hoping to have a break to ESL and Novice finals depending on how many teams reg. N-1 applies to all institutional teams.

We would ask universities to preference judges who identify wholly or partially as women in selection, however all are welcome. All chair judges will identify wholly or partially as women and the same policy applies to the break. This also applies to independent judges.


9:00-9:30 Registration

9:30-10:00 Announcements

10.00-11.30 Round 1

11.30-13.00 Round 2

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-15.30 Round 3

15.30-17.00 Round 4

17.00-18:00 Dinner and Break Announcement

18:00-19.30 Semi-Finals (and possible Novice/ESL Finals)

19.30-21:00 Finals

21.00 Social and Announcements/Awards


Bionda Merckens

Bionda is the convenor of Dutch WUDC 2017. She has been very active on the Dutch and the international circuit, both in judging and debating. At WUDC, she was an open quarter-finalist, an ESL top 10 speaker and breaking judge. Bionda has had similar success at EUDC, she has been an ESL quarterfinalist and an EUDC top 10 ESL speaker.

Gigi Gil

Gigi has broken at over 25 competitions as a speaker and about 20 as a judge. This includes an ESL semi-final at WUDC 2016 and an ESL quarter-final at EUDC 2016, where she was also 6th best ESL speaker. She also broke as a judge at EUDC 2014. Gigi has won about 5 competitions, including Berlin IV 2016. She has been best speaker 4 times including Paris IV this year. She has already CA'ed over 10 competitions including Imperial IV and Dutch Nationals, and is going to CA KCL and Cork. Evan Lynyak Evan was 7th best speaker at Thessaloniki WUDC and the 5th breaking team. In addition, she was the North American Universities champion and 7th best speaker, the Pan American Universities champion and top speaker and a US Universities Grand Finalist and 2nd speaker. Evan has judged the semifinals of the Yale IV, the open partial quarterfinals and the ESL semifinals at EUDC.

Sharmila Parmanand

Sharmila was CA of Berlin WUDC, Asian BP 2011, Austral-Asian Women's 2012 and US Nationals 2016. She was DCA of Australs in 2010 and 2011. She Judged WUDC Open Finals twice and Open Semifinals thee times. She also spoke in the Grand Final of Australs and WUDC Octofinals and is a three time Asian champion. Sharmila has also coached teams across 25 countries. Any enquiries should be made to: Katherine Dunbar and Lydia Day Convenors Eligibility: Speakers and judges should individually identify wholly or partially as women.