Prices and Financial Support

Membership Categories

Life Membership (£199) offers all membership rights during your time in Cambridge and an automatic upgrade to Life Membership on graduation.

Annual Membership* (£110) offers all membership rights for one year from the date of joining.

Access Membership is Life Membership, but discounted for those in receipt of a full Cambridge Bursary Scheme.

To purchase Access Membership, sign up as an annual member, and then bring proof of your grant or bursary into the Union main office and we will upgrade you to Life Membership for £5. 

Online Membership (£30 per year) is a new category of membership only available to students who are not eligible for the above categories. If you are a student at another University anywhere in the world: this is the membership for you. 

*Please note that Annual Members are not allowed to attend the Freshers Ball, or vote in Society elections. 

For a full breakdown of what is available within each category of membership, please see the Constitution

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Access & Discounts

If you receive a full (£3,500 per year) Cambridge Bursary Scheme, then you can join the Union at a heavily discounted rate. 

To join at the discounted rate online, please purchase "Annual Membership", and then come to the Union main office with the following evidence of your eligibility and we will upgrade you to Full Bursary Membership for a £5 fee:

  • if you are a UK Citizen, then this will be your financial notification from the full Newton Trust Bursary.
  • if you are a non-UK Citizen, then this will be your Newton Trust confirmation letter

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about this at

Please note members maybe required to pay the difference between annual and bursary membership.

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