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Membership Categories


ALL students of the University of Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin University, the BPP Law School Cambridge and the Judge Business School can sign up. If you go to another education institution, you can join as an online member.

Membership is non-refundable

  • LIFE Membership @ £185 |  Life Membership really is membership for LIFE!   You are eligible to: enter the ballot for a free Freshers' Ball ticket (held in the Michaelmas term for those who have joined between July and 1st week of October); attend all the debates and Union hosted speaker events free of charge (FOC); watch the live stream of any of our events; attend debate workshops FOC; represent the Union in debating competitions; get involved in the running of the Union and its events; take part in the social aspect of being a member and the networking opportunities that the Union has to offer and; take advantage of member discounts.
  • ANNUAL Membership @ £110 |  Annual Membership offers membership for a year, but you are not eligible to vote in society elections or for a free ball ticket. During the year, you have the option to upgrade to lifetime membership by paying the difference. This opportunity expires at the end of your year. Annual members are NOT eligible for a freshers' ball ticket.
  • £99 ACCESS Membership is Life Membership, but discounted for those in receipt of a full maintenance loan and in receipt of the Full Cambridge Bursary Scheme (currently £3500 from Cambridge University) or a Start-Up Bursary (from Anglia Ruskin University).  Access life members are eligible for all benefits of life membership including eligibility to join the ballot for a free Freshers' ball ticket (held in the Michaelmas term for those who have joined between July and 1st week of October).

To purchase Access Membership, sign up as an access member for £99 and bring evidence from Student Finance England that your household income has been assessed at £25, 000 or below and your letter confirming receipt of the Full Cambridge BursaryWe appreciate that you may not receive both these letters before the start of the Michaelmas term. If you cannot provide full evidence on collection of your card, you will be given a card with an expiry date lasting 1 year, which can be upgraded to access life membership for a processing fee of £5 when you present evidence at a later stage. In the event that you are not eligible for access membership and you have attended the Freshers' Ball, a charge for your ticket will be incurred.

If you have any questions please email the membership secretary at

Online Membership (£30 per year) is only available to students who are not eligible for the above categories. If you are a student at another University anywhere in the world, this is the membership for you. 

For a full breakdown of what is available within each category of membership, please see the Constitution

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